As our veterans battle, so do their loved ones. Families are left to mourn when they have lost their soldier in battle. While the rest of the world simply carries on, that wife, husband, mother, or child, is handed a folded flag, in honor of their loved one’s service. Most of us will be fortunate enough to never know that pain of sacrifice. Often times, family members left behind after losing their loved one are simply forgotten because, for everyone else, life goes on. They truly sacrificed for our freedom also, supporting the Armed Forces as their spouse, child, mother, or father was called to serve.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”
~Joseph Campbell

At Home for Freedom, we believe in respecting our beloved veterans whose lives have been lost. We can honor those vets by taking great care of their gravesites. A simple act of generosity like this, can mean the world to the loved ones left behind.

Not all soldiers are lost through losing their life in battle. Some simply come home different than they left. During the Iraq/Afghan wars, there have been over 1,645 limb amputations for our American soldiers. Can you imagine the drastic life changes for that soldier and his or her family… physically, emotionally, and financially? For a veteran or their family members to go without a home or the best medical care is simply unacceptable; we will not stand for it. Home for Freedom is a non-profit charity whose goal is to make sure this never happens. Our sacrificial veterans and their families deserve the highest respect and a life of great dignity. As you bow your head at dinner this evening or close your eyes to sleep, please consider the sacrifices made by these American men and women.